Slovenčina (Slovenská republika)Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)

Eye in the wall

Original title: OKO VE ZDI
Director: Miloš J. Kohout
Cast: Karel Roden, Jürgen Prochnow, Catherine Flemming, Soňa Valentová
Statut: Completed
Genre: Psychological drama
Language: Czech
Running time: 80 min.
Year of production: 2009
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Our story takes place over three rainy and tepid days. Transcending time and national borders, this tale could happen just about anywhere, any time. Psychodramas occur regardless of borders; they do not exact their toll by nationality or race but by the fates of those involved. We meet the lovers, Ellen and Vincent, just as they come near to a deserted house where she wanted to meet. It could be quite normal date. Their curiosity leads them to the bathroom, and somebody locks them in. They have no idea who has locked the door or why. Watching them through a peephole in the wall is an eye, an eye that foretells nothing good...

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